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A story of David & Goliath - discover Clu V1.9!

Remember how David took down Goliath with a single, carefully aimed rock? Well, that’s our approach at Clu, too - aim where it hurts the most.

The secret weapon? Our proprietary AI, "CluAI", has been matured to identify and correct a customer's hiring pain points without affecting your day-to-day.

In v1.9, we're excited to realise the power of CluAI even more. There are over 20 updates in the latest release, but Clu's CTO, Cayelan Mendoza, explains the most exciting ones below.


Big problems don’t necessarily need complicated solutions. One of the biggest complaints we hear from job seekers and hiring teams is the number of times the same information is re-entered in current job application systems.

Layer that against volume-based job boards allowing any person to apply for any role, and you end up with a proliferation of incomplete and irrelevant job applications and a resource-intensive recruitment experience that nobody enjoys. That right there is our "Goliath".

Where this hurts the most is the accuracy and relevance of the output data - so correcting this is our "David". When a job seeker uploads their CV, CluAI, our "rock", extracts key data points like employment history and training or qualifications to the relevant sections of their profile. Next, Clu extracts detailed skills data from the CV or makes recommendations based on what we know about them if a candidate's CV is not good quality or comes from a demographic group more likely to minoritise their experience.

Why? Because most processes still anchor to articulating value through experience, not skills. And Employers who hire for skills are 60% more likely to make a successful hire than those who don’t use skills in their hiring process. So, with CluAI now doing the heavy lifting, job seekers can produce better quality, more informative, more consistent CVs whilst we use their detailed skills profiles and search preferences to start presenting them with opportunities to match their skills quicker, significantly improving your applications and candidate data and the job seeker experience.

And just like that, we're one step closer to slaying the giant, and CluAI is moving the hiring process closer to greater inclusiveness, accuracy and experience for all. Clu 1.9 is out now and includes the following:

  • Import CVs directly into the Candidate Profile Builder to speed up registration.

  • Skills Extractor is now available for job seekers to extract skills from CVs and help those without a CV build a great one.

  • All new ‘My Profile' area for job seekers.

  • Generative AI options:

    • CluGPT edits a job description to make the language gender-neutral and jargon-free.

    • CluGPT creates job descriptions based on your priority skills, parameters, Clud Up results and legacy skills gaps identified by CluAI.

  • Share Inclusive Company profiles externally of Clu.

  • Improvements to job post sharing.

  • Updated UI fonts and colours for increased accessibility.


At Clu, we're reinventing how job seekers find jobs by helping Employers get great at skills-based and inclusive hiring. We'd love to hear from you.


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