It's time to Get a Clu

We help close skills gaps by connecting underrepresented talent to skills-based job postings


Where it all began

Most people have a bad experience with recruitment. 

And we were no different.

Like most people, we experienced barriers to entry and exclusion in the job market.

That's why we created a new hiring process that gives everyone a greater opportunity to demonstrate their talent and get interviews in an equitable and accessible environment. 

Everyone deserves to feel valued, included and set up for success in the hiring process. And we won't stop until we achieve that reality.

Cayelan & Joseph

Founders of Clu - recruitment technology start up - inclusive recruitment - diversity hiri

Connecting the dots

Our commitment to social mobility helps us build strong relationships with an extensive partner network that uses Clu to increase the job opportunities available to the diverse communities they support.

Our partners include:

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Our Team

Our diverse team of technologists, recruiters and psychologists are developing the Clu Inclusive Recruitment Platform™ that will see organisations change the way they look at and value talent.

Joseph Williams - Clu.png

Joseph Williams

Co-Founder & CEO

Jules Capriglione - Clu.png

Jules Capriglione

Marketing Consultant

Rachel Kaur - Clu.png
Cayelan Mendoza - Clu.png

Cayelan Mendoza

Co-Founder & CTO

Kamil Bhansali - Clu.png

Kamil Bhansali

Community Manager

Eric Anllo - Clu.png
Claire Holloway - Clu.png

Claire Holloway

Head of Operations

Kiran Keshvala - Head of Community - Clu .png

Kiran Keshvala

Head of Community

Madeleine Leonard - Clu.png

Maddy Leonard


Rachel Kaur

Talent Consultant

Eric Anllo


Our Advisors

Lalitha Stables - Clu.png

Lalitha Stables

SVP, Strategic Accounts

Jen Shorten - Clu.png

Jen Shorten

Technical Innovation Strategist

Maggie Lower - Clu.png

Maggie Lower


Kia Christian - Clu.png

Kia Christian

People Ops Director

Justin Onuekwsui - Clu.png

Justin Onuekwusi

Head of Retail Investment, EMEA
Legal & General

Andrew Winton - Clu.png

Andrew Winton

Global Marketing Director