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You can't do the same thing and get different results. So we're doing things differently.


we care

We come from different walks of life but share something in common: unconventional career paths that make us highly skilled at what we do but regularly got our CVs rejected when job hunting.

After we met through a shared frustration with the job market, we learned that most people we knew had been overlooked for jobs they’d be great at, and most managers we knew were struggling with skills gaps in their teams.

We couldn’t find an existing solution connecting these dots, so we married our tech and team-building expertise to create a hiring method that understands the value in people’s skills—regardless of where they learned them.

Twelve months in, Clu creates over 100,000 skills-based opportunities weekly, successfully addressing skills gaps for leading organisations from Warner Bros Discovery to The Bank of London.

Cayelan & Joseph, Founders of Clu

Founders of Clu - recruitment technology start up - inclusive recruitment - diversity hiri


the team

Meet some of our diverse team of technologists, HR experts and psychologists developing the Clu Inclusive Hiring Platform™.

joseph website.png
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Joseph Williams

Co-Founder & CEO

Al Bourne (1).png
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Alan Bourne

Chief Psychologist

anne website.png
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Anne Flavelle


cayelan website.png
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Cayelan Mendoza

Co-Founder & CTO

melissa website (1).png
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Melissa Harrison

Client Solutions Director

eric website.png
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Eric Anllo

Community Support

emily f website.png
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Emily Foges

Chair & NED

Dini website.png
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Dini Habib

Markteing & Brand Specialist

maddy website.png
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Maddy Leonard


Our Advisors

Lalitha Stables - Clu.png

Lalitha Stables

SVP, Digital Sales

Jen Shorten - Clu.png

Jen Shorten

Technical Innovation Strategist

Maggie Lower - Clu.png

Maggie Lower


Justin Onuekwsui - Clu.png

Justin Onuekwusi

Chief Investment Officer
St James Welath Management

Andrew Winton - website portrait.png

Andrew Winton


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