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Frequently Asked

  • What is Clu?
    Clu is a skills-based job discovery platform that helps you find exciting roles in inclusive organisations.
  • How does Clu work?
    Clu is solving the biggest opportunity businesses have to sustain talent pipelines and scale their talent pools: re-evaluating what it takes to do a job well and who is capable of doing it. We've enhanced how companies and job seekers discover each other. By offering more meaningful and personalised career recommendations to job seekers, we can significantly reduce barriers to entry, improve candidate experience and broaden your talent pools. We are obsessed with helping job seekers make the right career choices in companies that are genuinely committed to setting them up for success. From ensuring our system is accessible for everyone to use, and vetting all companies you'll find on the platform to only ever recommending jobs to job seekers they actually stand a chance of being hired for, we're here to help job seekers successfully navigate their job search by demonstrating the unique value-add that makes them a valuable addition to a team. Everyone deserves to find a job they'd be great at in a company that will set them up for success. Our mission is to facilitate that reality for as many people as possible.
  • Why should I use Clu?
    Clu is the simplest, most efficient way to sustain your talent pipeline with skilled and diverse talent. We use enhanced machine learning algorithms to streamline the way suitable talent finds your opportunities, improving job seeker experience and the quality and applications from your talent pools. Each of the job seekers we support is considering new roles and has been screened through a combination of proprietary algorithms and an in-house curation team. Our platform gives you insight into a job seekers’ transferable and technical skills, relevant background, work preferences, values, and compensation needs, so you have the information you need to make better decisions, adjust your offers in real-time if needed, and hire the best fit for your team.
  • How does Clu help employers?
    We've worked in the education, social and private sectors as well as in recruitment and have seen first hand the disconnect between the skills job seekers are learning and the way job seekers are evaluated by current recruitment systems. Clu specialises in helping companies find and hire talent that is excluded or overlooked by common job site or ATS filtering systems. We partner with a wide range of education, employability, upskilling and reskilling providers to curate a marketplace of brilliant, driven, job ready talent who are primed and ready for their next career opportunity. Clu empowers hiring managers and recruiters to accelerate sourcing efforts at a lower cost whilst doing something great for society too. We use AI to only ever present talent that can actually deliver against the specifications you state as your highest priorities for a role,, so you can spend less time sourcing and more time interviewing and hiring. Clu also increases transparency on both sides of the hiring process to help align job seekers and employers from the start. With all of the information you need right at your fingertips, you can be sure you are focusing on only the most suitable talent for your needs, in an ethical and unbiased way.
  • Who uses Clu to find work?
    In Clu's talent marketplace, you can find job seekers looking for internships, apprenticeships, full-time, part-time and contract roles. The job seekers you will find in Clu are mostly referred to us by our partner organisations when they are job ready. Whilst Clu is open to anyone, we specifically focus on creating meaningful career opportunities for disabled and neurodiverse people, refugees and displaced people, former offenders, over 50s and under 25s. Approximately 60% of applications made through Clu result in an interview and currently around 1 in 7 of our registered job seekers find work through us. Our job seeker community is currently 80% ethnically diverse and 60% female.
  • Can I contact job seekers off of the Clu platform?
    Depending on the communities you want to access, certain steps will need to be conducted on Clu. For example, if you want to attract disabled candidates but don't use an accessible ATS, you will need to engage disabled candidates through Clu to comply with our Vulnerable People Policy. Outside of this, we recommend the first contact with the job seeker should be on Clu, so you can utilise our enhanced job seeker analytics, applications and insights, but you can also chose to send job seekers straight to your careers site to go through your normal recruiting process. If you have questions about a candidate’s background, work history, experience, etc., you can use our inbuilt messaging system to find out more before inviting that job seeker to interview.
  • How does Clu find job seekers?
    We bring candidates to the Clu marketplace through a variety of methods including in person events, training and skills development workshops, digital marketing and referrals. Additionally, in order to supply Clu with the broadest pool of talent available in the market, we partner with dozens of organisations committed to providing education, employability, upskilling and reskilling services. These include: Birkbeck University Coventry University Westminster University Scope Centrepoint Working Chance Job Centre Plus The Mentoring Lab And hundreds of Schools, Colleges and Training centres across the south east of England. ...and many more.
  • How much does Clu cost?
    Whether you're hiring two or two hundred, one of our subscription plans will help you address your unique hiring needs. Starting from as little as £500 a year, we will ensure you are signed up to the best option with you. If you are a social impact organisation and would struggle to budget for Clu, we also have a reserved number of complementary subscriptions that we donate each year. To find out more about this, email
  • How does Clu work?
    Most people have a bad experience with recruitment. And we were no different. That's why we decided to create a hiring process that gave everyone a better opportunity to demonstrate their unique skill set to organisations, regardless of where they learnt them. Vast communities of talented people are excluded from great opportunities just because of their background. Clu removes the barriers to entry they experience to create economic inclusion and social mobility at scale.. Everyone deserves to feel valued, motivated and set up for success at work. And that's what we're here to do.

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