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We partner with education, empowerment and employability organisations to get more people into jobs they will love.

Want to know how?

Welcome to the


We help job seekers land the jobs they'd be great at

Did you know that over 17 million people are walled out of the UK job market?


Despite many highly skilled people waiting in the wings, traditional experience and keyword-based CV filtering systems continue to overlook what you can do in favour of where you learned to do it. 

That's where we come in.

We built Clu to help job seekers discover and apply for the jobs they stand the best chance of being hired for in companies that are verified to set them up for success.


This means fewer applications and more interviews...

60% more interviews, for that matter.


Scale your impact through the

Clu Partner Network

Clu is the leading safeguarded, skills-based and accessible hiring platform.


Because of our commitment to inclusion, the Clu Parkner network now comprises over 100 education, employability and empowerment partners that refer thousands of diverse job seekers to Clu, ready to be introduced to our verified employers.

With the help of this powerful network, over the next ten years, we aim to boost the socially mobile workforce by over...

1 million people
The Partner network includes:
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of inclusion and accessibility

Many services offer support for job seekers from at-risk groups, but very few ensure that the processes they enter their charges into are equipped to set them up for success.


As the leading safeguarded and accessible platform in the market, every employer using Clu has completed our verification process, so you can clearly see who their infrastructure supports on their profile. 

The champions



Clu enhances knowledge and understanding of improving business performance through cognitive diversity.

We advocate for recognising the spectrum of skills, perspectives, and problem-solving approaches that individuals from varied backgrounds bring. Our platform showcases that cognitive diversity is not confined to any specific group; it thrives within many beautiful and diverse communities.

By emphasising skills-based hiring, we bridge the gap between individuals' potential and organisations' success. We empower individuals to demonstrate their unique cognitive strengths and use our algorithms to match them to the teams their skills would amplify best within.

This approach transforms D&I initiatives from 'doing the right thing' to genuinely appreciating how cognitive diversity enriches businesses. Think moving from "why" to "why not".

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Get that

breaking the ceiling


I really believe Clu set me up for success and for that I am truly thankful. I feel like I have found my dream role.

Sarah O joined UKTV

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