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The Skills-based

Hiring Experts

Clu's skills-based hiring platform helps you reevaluate what it takes to do a job well and who is capable of doing it.

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Hiring processes don't

effectively recognise skills

Skills scarcity

Hiring for in-demand skills in unsustainable talent pipelines is very expensive.

Lower quality

Gen-AI is compromising legacy systems and significantly affecting process accuracy.

High churn

Poor skills-alignement in role affects motivation, productivity and retention.

We ensure you successfully navigation this new paradigm in TA strategy

Widen your gate 
without lowering the bar

Clu makes the complex change needed to embed skills-based hiring manageable and cost-effective.

We help you de-risk building robust, scalable, skills-based processes that significantly reduce cost-per-hire, address your skills gaps, and unlock the untapped value of overlooked and underutilised talent. 

With Clu, you can confidently widen your gate without lowering the bar.


Drive outrageous
return on investment

Clu's skills-based hiring platform not only improves end-to-end process accuracy and inclusion, it also focuses your time and budget, reducing total spend by up to 70%.


Hiring teams

love Clu

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Sarah Brook
HR Director, EMEA

Through partnering with Clu, we can address critical talent challenges in a socially impactful way.



talent blockers

We begin every new relationship with a Clu‘d Up diagnostic.

Clu‘d Up was developed to help you manage the steps to becoming an inclusive, skills-based organisation.

Clu‘d Up exposes critical risks, blockers and oversights in your hiring processes, giving you a personalised scorecard and blueprint for moving through our BASIIC maturity model to reach ‘Verified‘ or 'Leader' skills-based employer status.

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Skills-based hiring

is inclusive hiring

Skills-based hiring is the most effective way to combat hiring process bias head-on. Other benefits of adopting Clu's skills-based hiring toolkits include:

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Unlock pools of

overlooked talent

CluAI helps you understand the key skills you're looking for then consistently talent pools candidates with those skills from our Partner Network of over 50 education, upskilling and reskilling organisations who support over 2M people each year.

The Partner Network includes:

Leverage CluAI to enhance, not replace your team

Improve your
process efficiency

To maintain your single source of truth, we connect to your ATS so users can access your live roles with one click and apply at the source.

Connect Clu with top applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse, Team Tailor, and job posting tools like Broadbean.

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Hiring is a team sport 
and we're on your side

Clu is powered by technology, but our team partners with you to ensure your long-term success.

From championing your brand with our Partners to training your hiring managers and deep-diving into the DNA of what makes a high-performing team in your organisation, we have the tools and expertise to build a market-leading inclusive talent attraction programme with you.

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