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Build high-performing teams, inclusively

Clu is transforming how companies successfully engage with diverse talent.

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Innovating Inclusion

Clu matches you to skills-aligned diverse talent through our accessible and AI-powered

Inclusive Recruitment Platform.

We've unified innovative methodologies across recruitment, behavioural psychology, inclusive design and AI to help Employers and Job Seekers discover, engage and thrive together more successfully.

So why keep playing the volume recruitment game and relying on machines to do the heavy lifting? A more targeted approach will optimise your time and effort – and theirs too.

By focusing on skills-based hiring, Clu Employers enjoy results like:

12 month 
Application to
interview conversion

Employers - 4x diversity

Clu Employers gain access to our suite of inclusive recruitment, talent intelligence and diversity engagement tools.

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Convert job specs into detailed skills matrices using the Skills Xtractor™.
Engage job seekers based on their skills alignment to your needs
Maximise diverse talent engagement by optimising your talent pools

Become known for exceptional, inclusive recruitment


We designed Clu'd Up to signpost job seekers to organisations that ensure they are set up for success in the hiring process.

Clu'd Up is the only audit and verification for organisations that live and exemplify inclusion in their hiring processes.

By getting great at inclusive recruitment, you set yourself apart from the crowd as an employer of choice for diverse talent.

Scale your talent pipeline through the Clu Partner Network

Clu is the leading safeguarded, skills-based and accessible hiring platform.


Because of our commitment to inclusion, we have amassed a network of almost 100 educating, upskilling and reskilling partners that refer thousands of diverse job seekers to Clu, ready to be introduced to your organisation.

Over the next ten years, we want to boost the socially mobile workforce by over 1,000,000 people.

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Our partners include:

What is skills-based hiring?

Skills-based hiring prioritises key transferable, behavioural, and technical skills over traditional criteria like experience and education.

Clu helps you understand the skills you need and connects you to the people who embody them.

Join the 250+ companies prioritising 

skills-based hiring with Clu.

The fan club

jasmine dawson.png

Jasmine Dawson

SVP of Digital Customer Engagement,

BBC Studios

Clu are bringing a unique understanding of the power of the individual to recruitment.
They've unlocked a new dimension to my team through the people they've helped me hire to date in this way.

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