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Clu blends innovative technology and human expertise to help you build trust with untapped talent communities.
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Connect to diverse talent
at scale

Diversify your talent pipeline with the

Clu Partner Network

The vast community partner network brings together over 120 education, empowerment, and employability organisations that support over 2 million people annually. We work together to get the people they support into meaningful work.

Through the Parnter Network, over the next five years, we will boost the

socially and economically mobile workforce by:

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The Partner Network includes:

The most inclusive companies are

Clu'd Up signposts job seekers to the organisations working to build inclusive recruitment processes.

Clu'd Up is the only opensource benchmark for organisations centralising inclusion in their hiring processes.​

By verifying your hiring processes, you not only unlock the ability to source diverse talent through Clu directly, you also get a cute badge on your employer profile.


Join the

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Jasmine Dawson
SVP of Digital Customer Engagement,
BBC Studios

Clu are bringing a unique understanding of the power of the individual to recruitment.

They've unlocked a new dimension to my team through the people they've helped me hire to date in this way.

Stan Club



Everything we do at Clu anchors to our Theory of Change manifesto.

We focus on building the confidence of our members. Then we use behavioural psychology and AI to present them with the jobs they stand the best chances of being hired for, based on the skills they have, and the skills employers need. 

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Optimise attraction and conversion

with our Inclusive Recruitment Platform

We give you the tools needed to build a trusted brand that converts diverse talent. We're so confident about this, we guarantee it.


More applications don't result in more diverse talent, but being matched to skills-aligned talent that has already expressed interest in working for you does.

Quickly and easily diagnosing and optimising inclusion blind spots in your hiring process has never been easier with our market-leading diverse talent Insights.

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of inclusion and accessibility

The champions

Diverse people feature heavily in recruitment advertising, but systems and hiring processes remain inaccessible.​

Clu is the only system that helps you de-risk engagement with at-risk communities with our inbuilt safeguarding and accessibility features

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