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We plug your skills gap with talented candidates from diverse communities.

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What is skills-based hiring?

Skills-based hiring focuses on a candidate's key competencies and transferable and technical skills rather than their experience, education and other credentials.

Approximately 16 MILLION people are walled out of the job market because of degree requirements and other barriers to entry. Clu helps you better understand the skills you're looking for and, most importantly, helps you find them.

Improving the results of recruitment for everyone

Clu is a skills-based job marketplace shattering barriers to entry for overlooked and underutilised talent.

Clu's Inclusive Recruitment Platform™ generates a skills matrix from your job description and then matches your jobs to job seekers with those skills.

Skills-based hiring broadens your talent pools, reduces your time to hire and cements you as a leader in inclusive hiring.





Candidate retention


Application to

interview conversion

Attract the talent your competitors don't know exist

Anyone can apply for any job. This wastes significant amounts of job seekers' time and damages their likelihood to apply for your vacancies again by up to 70%. 

Getting your organisation verified for skills-based hiring is a great way to stand out from the crowd and prove that you're committed to the talent, not the prestige, of your candidates. 


After getting Clu'd Up, you are supported by our team to get the most out of your skills-based hiring plans.

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What happens when you adopt skills-based hiring?


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Only get applications from job seekers with the skills you're hiring for.


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Hire quicker by improving the quality of the top of your hiring funnel.


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Scale your talent pools by reducing the barriers to entry.


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Become an employer of choice through your Clu'd Up accreditation.

Increased Retention

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Offer better onboarding, development and mentoring to new hires.


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Improve the performance of your teams by exposing and closing skills gaps.

The fan club


Bukola Adisa

Founder & CEO, Career Masterclass

The customer experience was amazing, the quality of the candidates was superb and the structured process and insights provided on each of the candidates was excellent.

Sustain your talent pipeline with a social solution

Clu is the only safeguarded, skills-based and accessible portal in the market. Because of this commitment to social mobility, our civic, social and education partners refer job seekers to Clu, ready to be introduced to your organisation.

We want to boost the socially mobile workforce by over 1,000,000 over the next ten years.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Our partners include:

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We are constantly crunching numbers to understand the state of hiring across our three key data sets: skills, geographies and demographics.


Clu Employers have early access to these insights, regularly presented to Think Tanks and Governments, that will be shaping the future of our profession.

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