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Recruitment just got easier

Our market-leading platform helps organisations get great at inclusive recruitment.

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What is inclusive recruitment, and why is it important?

Inclusive recruitment is not hiring for diversity.


It is the process of designing and implementing recruitment policies and processes that are impartial and equitable that set up all job seekers that engage with them up for success.

Inclusive recruitment is important because it creates better processes and candidate experiences for everyone. It also helps reduce skills gaps, improve ROI and boost workforce retention.

What is the benefit of inclusive recruitment?

Many businesses still don't create equity of opportunity for all candidates. This means there is a massive amount of untapped talent available to those HR teams willing to put in the work.


By creating an inclusive recruitment process for your organisation, you won’t just be making a difference internally. You’ll be improving the experience for candidates by creating a process and employer brand that stands out from the crowd as one that is genuinely committed to finding the best candidate for a role, regardless of their background.

How do I avoid bias in my recruitment process?

Training will not mitigate bias and risk in your recruitment. But adopting skills-based and inclusive hiring practices does.


Focusing on specific job requirements to evaluate candidates objectively, rather than personal characteristics.

Recruitment processes need to be redesigned to reduce the influence of all biases. Clear, objective, structured, and transparent processes are fairer for candidates, supporting more equal outcomes and enabling employers to attract more diverse talent pools and select the most suitable candidates.

Build high performing teams, inclusively

Most businesses have great intentions around diversity hiring, but still lack the fundamental inclusive recruitment processes that would create equity of opportunity for all candidates.

Name-blind recruitment has made lots of promises to mitigate hiring bias. But it doesn't solve any of the challenges underrepresented communities face past the point of applying for a role.


We're proud to be leading the way in creating a hiring process that's accessible and inclusive for all.


We are developing proprietary ethical AI to ensure every Job Seeker can be set up for success in the hiring processes of the organisations we match them to.


Clu has in-built and easily adoptable safeguarding principles that enhance the experience and safety of all job seekers while helping organisations gain confidence in hiring talent from all diverse communities.

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