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Release: Clu Partners with Accessibility Leaders TAP

Clu and TAP unite to forge a comprehensive service for firms dedicated to fostering inclusive environments for disabled and neurodiverse individuals.

News release April 2024


In a ground-breaking move for diversity and inclusion in the workplace, Clu, the world’s first accessible, safeguarded, and inclusive hiring platform, is thrilled to announce a strategic partnership with TAP (The Ability People), leaders in consulting and advisory services that champion inclusion in the workplace. This alliance is set to revolutionise how organisations engage and support disabled and neurodiverse talent.


TAP's expertise lies in collaborating with employers to forge inclusive working conditions, ensuring accessibility for all employees. With Clu's innovative technology, which enables organisations to identify and fill skills gaps with a comprehensive suite of talent diagnostic, intelligence, and attraction tools, this partnership promises a robust and scalable support system for companies eager to enhance the equitable treatment of their candidates and employees.


"Joining forces with TAP isn't just a milestone for Clu but a significant leap forward for the entire corporate sector in recognising the value of diversity," says Clu’s Co-Founder & CEO, Joseph Williams. "As someone who personally navigates neurodiversity and being disabled, I understand the challenges and opportunities first-hand. Our shared mission is personal and imperative — to level the playing field, so that every professional endeavour is met with equitable opportunities from the start."


Liz Johnson, Co-Founder and Managing Director of TAP, expresses equal enthusiasm for the partnership. "It's a transformative time for workplace inclusion. Our collaboration with Clu signifies a shared vision to dismantle barriers and create environments where everyone has the chance to thrive. We're not just addressing inclusivity; we're setting a new standard for how it's implemented in the professional world."


This partnership is poised to set a new benchmark in inclusive hiring practices and supportive workplace environments, paving the way for a future where work is truly inclusive for all.





Dini Habib



Notes to editors


Clu is a HrTech company on a mission to make the working world work for everyone. We help Employers identify their skills gaps and build talent pools of engaged diverse candidates from a network of over 120 Partners to close them. Clu enables you to confidently re-evaluate what it takes to do a job well, and who can do it. Follow us on LinkedIn.


The Ability People

TAP’s team of Paralympians, community leaders, and subject matter experts are all people with impairments. We deliver consulting and advisory services focused on inclusion in the workplace with a particular emphasis on disability. We believe inclusion is achieved via structured change programmes, and our team of expert consultants move teams and organisational culture to be disability inclusive, build corporate community engagement and remove barriers to “normalise” difference. Our consultants bring a practical perspective to modifying existing work practices, technology, and policy to create a better workplace for everyone. Follow us on LinkedIn.


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