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Creating impactful jobs for young people

International Youth Day is celebrated every year on the 12th of August. It’s a time when we bring youth issues to our attention and celebrate the wonderful potential of youth in our society.

We had a great conversation with Marian and Heavenleigh at ReachOut2All, an organisation driven by the commitment to invest in youth-centred ideas and advocate for system change that meets young people's needs.

Despite the aspirations of many young individuals to establish a fulfilling career, a significant portion of today's youth face the challenge of unemployment. As of April 2023, the unemployment rate among young people is 10.9%, surpassing other age group.

In our collaboration with ReachOut2All CIC, we aim to bring attention to the importance of connecting young individuals with meaningful work opportunities:

1. Creating meaningful opportunities and jobs for young people plays a large part in driving economic development and growth.

When our youth are given accessible support, and their voices are heard, this produces a more productive and skilled workforce.

A group of young people of mixed race and gender stand in a navy blue work uniform and smile to camera.

2. Empowering young people to actively participate in meaningful opportunities fosters social inclusion.

COVID-19 presented long-term risks to the job prospects of young individuals, especially vulnerable groups such as fresh graduates, first-time job seekers, and underrepresented individuals. Young people must be given the avenue to have their voices heard and empowered, further mitigating the long-term impacts of COVID-19. This fosters purple, social inclusion, and well-being.

3. When youth are given access to meaningful work opportunities, this bolsters social inclusion significantly.

A recent article highlighted that in the UK, the rate of social mobility is really low, with individuals from low-income families experiencing restricted access to career progression opportunities. Offering accessible programs and activities gives each young individual an equal opportunity to nurture their skills and participate in the job market, contributing to a positive increase in social mobility rates in the UK.


At Clu, we're reinventing how job seekers find jobs by helping Employers get great at skills-based and inclusive hiring.

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