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Release: Revolutionary tech company Clu appoints Female executive powerhouses

News release 25 March 2022

Rec-tech platform Clu announces new female advisors from tech giants Salesforce, Google, Talend, and Hootsuite.

Pioneering inclusive recruitment platform Clu announces an Advisory Board shake-up as four female tech dynamos join the disruptor’s non-executive team.

Director at Google Kia Christian, Hootsuite Chief Marketing Officer Maggie Lower, decorated Technical Strategist Jen Shorten, and Salesforce Senior Vice President Lalitha Stables are bringing their extensive tech, marketing, HR and diversity & inclusion knowledge to the rec-tech company.

The new members announced today will join Kaspersky’s Andrew Winton and Legal and General’s Justin Onuekwusi on the Advisory Board. Their collective experience and vision will help cement Clu as the leader in equitable recruitment technology, supporting Co-Founders Joseph Williams and Cayelan Mendoza on their mission to make the working world work for everyone.

“Clu pairs job seekers to jobs based on their skills, strengths, aspirations, and experiences. Its algorithm generates a match score against roles for candidates, meaning they can prioritise their job search based on the roles they’d be best at. This also means organisations will always see talent and capability before anything else,” Talend’s Jen Shorten explains.

She continues: “It focuses on improving accuracy and user experience, presenting better, more tailored opportunities to job seekers and reinventing outdated recruitment process to be significantly fairer and more accessible for all.”

On her new role, Google’s Kia Christian comments: “Clu creates a more equitable job market by celebrating people for what they can do, not limiting them because of where they learnt to do it. We are at a tipping point because of the great resignation; therefore, we need to drive social mobility at scale, removing barriers to entry for skilled people, if we are to sustain growth and economic recovery post-pandemic.”

Christian joined the board because her business motto of “proving the power of people in tech, diversifying teams along the way”, closely aligned with the B-Corp social enterprise’s purpose.

Lalitha Stables, SVP of Strategic Accounts EMEA at Salesforce, is passionate about building diverse and inclusive high impact teams and explains. “Throughout my career, I have longed to see diverse talent elevated for our skill and not only as part of a CSR or D&I strategy.”

“As a hiring manager, I am always looking for value-add insights in real-time to ensure I am making the right hiring decisions for my team and my organisation. Clu offers that in the most intentional solution I’ve seen, so I’m excited to be part of their story.”

Hootsuite’s Maggie Lower adds: “The team’s passion for driving meaningful and lasting change is truly inspiring. The vision is compelling because it’s actually disrupting the recruiting experience in a way that benefits companies and candidates.

We need to give candidates a better opportunity to demonstrate their value-add to our organisations regardless of their background. This is even more relevant in the modern, diverse world we now live in. I am passionate to be on this board as we seek to make the working world work for everyone.”


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Notes to editors

Clu is a SaaS company on a mission to make the working world work for everyone by fixing the biggest challenges facing recruitment and talent mobility. Over the past 9 months, we have developed the Clu v1.0 platform to match job opportunities to candidates and help organisations make better, more informed hiring decisions from significantly broader pools of talent. By improving the accuracy of recruitment and removing systemic barriers to the job market for marginalised groups, we are enabling economic participation and social mobility at scale and offering a first-of-its-kind solution in a broken £419B market currently operating at 50% efficiency. The company was founded by LGBTQ couple Joseph Williams and Cayelan Mendoza. Williams has built up 15 years of marketing, product development and innovation experience working with the likes of News Corp, Twitter and BBC Studios. Application and development specialist Cayelan Mendoza, previously worked for Apple and prop-tech scale-up VU.CITY.


At Clu, we're reinventing how job seekers find jobs by helping Employers get great at skills-based hiring. We are the most efficient and simple way to gain traction with underutilised talent communities at scale. Find out more by getting in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.


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