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Release: Clu Pilot Results

We are pleased to report that following the successful completion of the second pilot programme for Clu, we have received exceptional feedback from all Employers and job seekers engaged on their behalf through the Clu platform.


  • 92% of candidates demonstrated skills Employers listed as a high-priority

  • 100% of Employers noted significant demographic advancements

  • 80% of hiring managers found added value in our skill-based data sets

  • 92% of unsuccessful candidates noted a positive experience

  • 96% of all candidates felt empowered during our hiring process

  • 60% increase in interviews for job seekers engaging in Clu

Summary: Over the past twelve months, we have worked with ten organisations on projects of 5 to 10 roles. These pilot projects enabled us to partner closely with hiring teams to leverage our new methodologies, using our recruitment experts to compensate for the parts of the Clu technology we were still building. Participants in the pilots also met to discuss the Clu product and its roadmap. They provided invaluable insights into the prioritisation of features being built into Clu, resulting in new features being built and launched, such as the Inclusion Scorer, Diversity Benchmarking and Skills Extractor features. As well as achieving significant results for organisations in engagement, experience and inclusion, we also saw significant shifts in demographic representation.

  • +70% of those engaged were ethnically diverse

  • +35% of those engaged were LGBTQ

  • +49% of those engaged were gender diverse

  • +45% of those engaged were neurodiverse and disabled

  • +50% of those engaged were socially mobile

Pilot programme participant Anne Sheehan, Head of Talent Acquisition at UKTV, commented on the pilot: "If you recognise that a diverse and motivated workforce is the key to your competitive advantage, but you don't know how to fully act on it, it's time to call Included.AI. They are the leading provider tackling social mobility and access to opportunity in recruitment whilst also helping add value to our teams and culture. They understand the role business plays in removing barriers to entry and give you all the tools you need to be a market leader in inclusive recruitment by partnering with them."


At Clu, we're reinventing how job seekers find jobs by helping Employers get great at skills-based hiring. We are the most efficient and simple way to gain traction with underutilised talent communities at scale. Find out more by getting in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.


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