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Clu CEO joins Advisors of The Good Jobs Project

The project, in a nutshell.

THERE ARE TWO PROBLEMS 1) A business problem: UK businesses have a record 1.3 million vacancies, undermining business success. 2) A social problem: Millions of people are frozen out of good job opportunities because of social or geographic barriers to work. These individuals are more likely to be:

  • Living in or close to the risks of poverty.

  • Sustained by the UK’s social safety net.

THERE IS A WAY OF SOLVING BOTH PROBLEMS SIMULTANEOUSLY It can solve both a business and a social problem by successfully filling more of these vacancies with people with social barriers to work.

WHY NOW? This win-win opportunity has grown due to increased vacancies in recent years, following the effects of Covid-19, Brexit and the ‘great resignation’. Even if the number of vacancies reduces due to any potential forthcoming recession, the needs of the individuals will remain. Despite near-future economic uncertainty, we believe that challenges such as the cost of living crisis could actually help to strengthen the case for businesses to engage and for the government to see the role that business can play.


  1. Identify the systemic reforms needed: To clearly identify where the biggest opportunities lie, so that businesses can increase their positive contribution to society through recruiting individuals who are commonly overlooked in hiring processes. This includes people in caring roles, single-parents, ex-offenders, people with disabilities, long-term illness, and many others. We aim to pinpoint key actors - whether government, investors or civil society - and identify the action they could take.

  2. Demonstrate value: To raise awareness of the win-win opportunities available to all stakeholders, including businesses, civil society groups, government, investors and individuals.

  3. Tip the balance in favour: Inspire the government and investors to encourage and incentivise businesses to take advantage of this opportunity.

  4. Establish a baseline: To establish baseline statistics that demonstrate the potential impact that businesses could have through recruiting those with social barriers to work.

PROJECT ADVISORS We have a fantastic advisory group that are offering support and advise throughout. Members include:

  • Anna Darnell (Youth Futures Foundation)

  • Baroness Philippa Stroud (Legatum Institute)

  • Claire Hamlin (Q5)

  • Diane Lightfoot (Business Disability Forum)

  • Hugh Lenon (Phoenix Equity Partners)

  • James Timpson (Timpson)

  • Joe Francis (Entertainment Partners)

  • Joseph Williams (Clu)

  • Lady Edwina Grosvenor

  • Louise Woodruff (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

  • Matt Ilic (Catch 22)

  • Neil Barnfather (GoodMaps)

  • Neil Morrison (Severn Trent)

  • Charlotte Gibb (Business in the Community)

  • Paula Fallowfield (Natura)

  • Roisin Currie (Greggs)

  • Sam Maguire (Clarasys)

  • Scarlett Brown (Board Intelligence)

  • Sharon Martin (Working Title)

  • Yasmina Koné (Beam)


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