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16 million job seekers are walled out of the job market

Clu'd Up is the only accreditation for companies creating equity of opportunity in their hiring and making a concerted effort to remove barriers to entry to the job market.

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Clu'd Up employers stand out from
the crowd

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Job seekers are tired of being sold false promises around inclusion.


If you are committed to talent, getting your skills-based hiring processes accredited is a great way to stand out from the crowd.

Clu'd Up employers are proactively closing their critical skills gaps and sustaining their talent pipelines with anyone who had the right skills for a job.

Building brands that job seekers trust

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Join the charter

Skills-based hiring isn't just about social mobility and equity of opportunity.

Skills-based hiring also improves application accuracy and time to hire. By signing the Skills-Based Hiring Charter, you take a big step forward for your company and society.

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Getting verified by Clu is online and only takes 5 minutes.


In return, we give you tangible actions to improve your inclusive recruitment programme and take clear and achievable steps toward a fairer recruitment process for all people.

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Go for GOLD

Think you've got what it takes to join the elite group of organisations that score 80% or higher in verification?

Only one way to join the Golden Circle...

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