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There's a reason you're not attracting and retaining diverse talent. We can help you work out why.

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16 million job seekers are 

Clu'd Up is the only opensource audit, benchmark and accreditation for companies creating equity of opportunity in their hiring and making a concerted effort to remove barriers to entry to the job market.


excluded from the job market

4x applications

from skills aligned diverse talent

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Job seekers are tired of being sold false promises around inclusion.


If you are committed to diversifying your organisation, getting Clu'd Up is a great way to identify your process blind spots and create best-in-class inclusive recruitment processes.

Building brands that

Get rewards

Getting Clu'd Up only takes 10 minutes.


In return, we provide you with an inclusive hiring scorecard broken down across six key areas: Accessibility, Bias Mitigation, Experience, Infrastructure, Inclusion and Safeguarding.

You'll also receive tailored recommendations to improve your score, and if you're a Clu subscriber, you'll unlock direct sourcing and premium insights, too.


job seekers trust


Go for Gold

Each year, we will announce the top 20 organisations that have used Clu to make their recruitment processes more inclusive. System data and outcomes will exclusively dictate this.

We call these organisations the Golden Circle, and they get exclusive access to events, dinners, merch and much much more.

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