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Solve your hiring pain points
with Clu

Accelerate your diverse hiring strategy with exclusive Clu discounts for The Talent Community

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Focus on skills
to 4x diverse talent engagement

Welcome to Clu, the skills-based hiring platform.


We know that finding the right talent can be challenging, so we're making things easier. Clu helps you attract and engage relevant, diverse candidates based on their skills, experience, and potential.


With Clu, you can confidently widen your gate without lowering the bar.


Clu customers
achieve four things

In-house Talent and People teams use Clu to:

  • Derisk and verify inclusive hiring processes.

  • Optimise employer brands to convert diverse talent.

  • Access broader pools of local untapped talent.

  • Build talent pools that address your hiring pain points, ready for you to source from on demand.

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Hiring teams

love Clu

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Sarah Brook
HR Director, EMEA

Through partnering with Clu, we can address critical talent challenges in a socially impactful way.


Get great at


We developed Clu'd Up to help you create hiring processes that build trust with and convert diverse talent.

Using our BASIIC maturity model, we give you a blueprint for progress in the areas that matter most to you.


Through Clu‘d Up, you become discoverable by Partners and unlock the ability to proactively build talent pools from the communities you get verified for.

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Get great at
skills-based hiring

Enter your details below to get 25% off your first year with Clu and a complementary Clu'd Up audit and development report.
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