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Inclusive Recruitment
Made Easy

Accelerate your inclusive recruitment strategy with exclusive Clu discounts for
The Talent Community

Ready to get great at
inclusive hiring?

Enter your details below to get 10% off your first year with Clu and a complementary recruitment inclusion and accessibility verification.

Employers - 4x diversity

Clu Employers gain access to our suite of inclusive recruitment, talent intelligence and diversity engagement tools.

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Convert job specs into detailed skills matrices using the Skills Xtractor™.
Engage job seekers based on their skills alignment to your needs
Maximise diverse talent engagement by optimising your talent pools

Unparalleled access to skills-aligned, diverse talent

Clu is an inclusive recruitment platform that scales Employer success in attracting, hiring and retaining diverse candidates.

We use AI, behavioural psychology and a long overdue dose of ethics to transform the talent lifecycle and scale the successes of organisations looking to sustainably diversify their workforce.

The fan club

jasmine dawson.png

Jasmine Dawson

SVP of Digital Customer Engagement,

BBC Studios

Clu are bringing a unique understanding of the power of the individual to recruitment.
They've unlocked a new dimension to my team through the people they've helped me hire to date in this way.
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