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We're making big moves in our market and want you to be a part of it.

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We're raising £150,000

After two years of development and testing, Clu launched in March 2023 to help organisations plug their skills gaps by discovering talent in overlooked and underutilised communities.


We're just one year old but already generate over 100,000 skills-based opportunities weekly, successfully closing skills gaps for leading organisations, from Warner Bros Discovery to UKTV and The Bank of London.

This is your chance to be part of what we're building.

Early adopters love

our impact

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Sarah Brook
HR Director, EMEA

Through partnering with Clu, we can address critical talent challenges in a socially impactful way.


Why invest
in Clu?

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Background: We're growing quickly (4x in the last six months to over £100K ARR and almost £500K in pipeline deals), so we're offering friends and family a private investment opportunity where you can buy shares in Clu at a discounted rate and be part of our journey.


Why now?: In six months, we're raising capital from institutional investors at a valuation of £7.5M to launch Clu internationally - we already have investors committed to this. We're offering you shares now at a valuation of £2.5M, meaning your investment could triple in value this year alone.

And that's not all! For UK taxpayers, Clu is approved for the HMRC EIS scheme, which means you will get a rebate of at least 30% of your investment at the end of the 24/25 tax year.


And also! You pay no capital gains tax on returns made through this investment. 💥

You're backing a
winning team

We're tried and tested experts in leading technology products to scale globally.

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Joseph Williams

Co-Founder & CEO

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Cayelan Mendoza

Co-Founder & CTO

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Emily Foges

Chair & NED

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Melissa Harrison

Client Solutions Director

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Alan Bourne PhD

Chief Psychologist

Why we founded

We come from very different walks of life but share something in common: unconventional career paths that made us highly skilled at what we do but got our CVs constantly rejected when we were job hunting.


When we started asking people about what they hated about the job market, we learned that most people we knew had been overlooked for jobs they’d be great at, and most managers we knew were struggling with skills gaps in their teams.

We couldn’t find a solution connecting these dots, so we married our tech and team-building expertise to create a hiring tool that matches the value of a person’s skills to a company’s needs — regardless of where they learned them.

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Clu improves

hiring process accuracy and outcomes for everyone 


A social solution
to a major problem

The skills gap is expected to cost the economy over £11T by 2028. There are huge communities of people with critical skills needed by organisations; they just don't know they possess them.

We are working with over 100 education, empowerment and employability organisations so Clu can help the people they work with fully understand the value of their skills and introduce them to the organisations that need them most. 

The Partner Network includes:

Confirming your interest

We're only allocating £150K to this private round, so let us know your details and the value you'd be interested in investing to ensure your participation.

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