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Release: Clu launches new toolkit for getting great at inclusive recruitment

Inclusive recruitment platform, Clu, has released a pioneering new toolkit and free audit tool to help Employers get great at inclusive diversity hiring.

The skills-based hiring innovator spoke with almost 500 job seekers with chronic health conditions and from other disabled and neurodiverse communities to understand their current recruitment experience.

This insight project was conducted as part of the Access2Funding campaign to understand better the impact of disability-focused initiatives, like the UK Government's Disability Confident scheme and The Business Disability Forum, on the professional outcomes of disabled people.

Whilst many (62%) cited they were pleased with an increase in dialogue about disability inclusion at work, 100% of the job seekers surveyed said they felt current disability-focused initiatives were failing to remove barriers to meaningful employment.

100% of disabled job seekers said they didn't feel current disability initiatives create routes to employment

These troubling findings layer against a recruitment process that still sees almost 50% of employees churning within 12 months and 60% not having the right skills for their jobs.

To remedy the ongoing impacts of these shortcomings, Clu is proud to release a new skills-based hiring tool kit and verification programme, Clu'd Up.

Through Clu'd Up, Clu's team use their extensive knowledge of inclusive hiring practices to help Employers close their skills gaps by significantly reducing barriers to entry for skilled people currently excluded from opportunity.

The process consists of completing a quick digital questionnaire to understand the current state and blind spots. The Clu team then set 3,6, and 12-month data-backed goals to help Employers move from good to great at more accurate and inclusive hiring.

Clu'd Up will create a trusted standard to signpost those who the mainstream hiring process wasn't designed for to processes that can set them up for success when applying and beyond.

It is Clu's mission as an organisation to make the working world work for everyone. And supporting Employers in moving from Verified to Leader (Gold) status will be another clear indicator of success in achieving this.


At Clu, we're reinventing how job seekers find jobs by helping Employers get great at skills-based hiring. We are the most efficient and simple way to gain traction with underutilised talent communities at scale. Find out more by getting in touch with us. We'd love to hear from you.


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