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Meet The Employer - Oliver Bonas

Missed our Meet the Employer series? Join us as we take a deep dive into the exciting world of companies working with Clu creating inclusive and welcoming environments for all job seekers.

This week, our blog is putting the spotlight on Oliver Bonas. In our interview with Christopher Shearer-Wright, Senior Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Manager, and Laura Rose, Recruitment Manager, we delve into what sets Oliver Bonas apart and makes it truly exceptional.


About Oliver Bonas

The header reads "featuring Oliver Bonas" followed by their logo at the bottom in black. To the left, the text "Q&A" can be seen.

Oliver Bonas, a leading British lifestyle store, uniquely shapes fashion and homeware across 80 stores in the UK and Ireland. Going beyond traditional retail, its spaces create immersive environments that elevate curated products, fostering inspiration and self-expression. Grounded in the belief that design transforms emotions, Oliver Bonas ensures every item reflects a commitment to enhancing people's lives.


Q: Hi Chris and Laura, in a nutshell, could you tell us what Oliver Bonas does?

Oliver Bonas (OB) is a British, design-led, lifestyle retailer with just over 80 stores across the UK and Ireland whose promise is to do our bit to make living a joyful experience and give cause for optimism.

This image is a picture of the team members at Oliver Bonas. There are 15 individuals from diverse backgrounds, age, gender, looking and posing at the camera.

Q: What’s something people won’t know about working at Oliver Bonas?

This image contains text that corresponds to the question in the article "What’s one thing you would love people to know about working at Oliver Bonas?". It reads "Our values of Work Hard, Play Hard, and Be Kind are integral to everything we do. Collaboration, imagination, curiosity, and teamwork are key to our success and everyone has a part to play in making Oliver Bonas a special place to work. Having fun is key, and a playful and positive approach creates a positive environment. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about what we do."

Q: Why is going through Clu’d Up important to your company?

We celebrate differences and welcome team members from all walks of life. We look for people who bring new ideas, experiences, and perspectives that not only drive the business forward, but make OB a positive, vibrant, and diverse company to be part of.

This image showcases Oliver Bonas commitment to inclusion. It reads "Verified inclusive hiring processes for: LGBTQ+ People, Over 50s, Gender Diverse People, and Care Leavers.

Q. Tell us why you’re focusing on skills-based hiring at Oliver Bonas?

Rather than just looking for sector experience, we’re keen to focus on skills and behaviours regardless of what industry you’ve previously worked in.


Q: If you could offer one piece of advice to prospective candidates applying to Oliver Bonas, what would it be?

Be yourself and be honest with us – if there is anything we can do to help set you up for success, let us know.

This image shows the team at Oliver Bonas. It contains 4 different images. All of those images has individuals of diverse backgrounds, in white background, posing for the camera.

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