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Meet The Employer - CXC Global

We are back with our Meet the Employer series! Take a deep dive into the exciting world of companies working with Clu creating inclusive and welcoming environments for all job seekers.

This week's spotlight is on CXC Global!

About CXC

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CXC is a global organisation, founded in Australia in 1992, more than 30 years ago. CXC has a geographic footprint that spans five continents, operating out of more than 30 offices all over the world. The company works hard to simplify the world of work for their clients ever since. In our blog with CXC, we discussed with Simon Middlehurst, Talent Sourcing Specialist to discover what makes CXC so great.

Q: Hi Simon, in one sentence, could you tell us what CXC Global does?

We provide workforce solutions for organisations around the world, from managing recruitment for temporary and permanent positions to managing payroll and contract management.


Q: What's something people won't know about working at CXC Global?

We work with some of the biggest companies in the world such as Boeing,, ESPN, Adidas and IMG just to name a few.

Headings reads "Simplifying the complex world of work with CXC". This is followed by a few data and figures at the bottom. This includes "31 years of operation", "98% client retention rate", "99% payroll accuracy" and so one to showcase CXC's accomplishments.


Q: Why was going through Clu’d Up important to your company?

Being recognised as being a diverse organisation is massively important to us and how we operate, going through Clu was a no brainer for us to continue that.

Image is a rectangle with rounded corners. The heading reads "verified inclusive hiring processes for" followed by "veterans, work returners, gender diverse people. neurodiverse people"

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Q: If you could give prospective candidates one piece of advice when applying to CXC Global, what would it be?

Be yourself!! Don’t be afraid to ever be yourself and express yourself in a way that makes you feel at your best!

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Create your profile and get matched to exciting roles at CXC today!

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