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Meet The Employer - Global

In our Meet the Employer series, you can dive into the exciting world of companies working with Clu creating inclusive and welcoming environments for all job seekers.

This week's spotlight is on Global!

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About Global

Global is the UK and Europe's largest Radio and Outdoor company. Formally founded in 2007, Global reaches 51 million individuals across the UK every week, including 26.3 million on the radio today. In our blog with Global, we sat down with Hannah Young, the Head of Talent Acquisition at Global to unravel the essence of this extraordinary company!


ID: On the left, in circle, is an image of a man, smiling and looking directly at the camera. There is a bubble speech on his right, reading "Whether it’s our amazing on-air and digital content or immersive outdoor advertising, we're on a mission to make everyone's day brighter."

Q: Hi Hannah, in one sentence, could you tell us what Global is?

We're home to the best media and entertainment on the planet.


Q: What’s the best thing about working at Global?

That’s a tough one to answer succinctly! If forced to reduce it to one thing, it would be the people! We’re a close family, we’re in it together and we all love collaborating and celebrating the amazing work we produce.

ID: Image of a concert for Global employees. In the image, a large audience can be seen, together with a screen at the front. The text reads "We are Globallers" in white bold letters.

Q: Why was going through Clu’d Up important to your company?

We truly care about Global being an inclusive workforce where brilliant talent, regardless of who you might be, can flourish.

ID: Image in white. The heading reads "what we love at Global" in cyan followed by "Mental health support, Hiring manager inclusion training, Detailed candidate feedback,  Standardised selection process, Diverse interview panels" in bullet points. At the bottom, the text reads "verified inclusive hiring processes for: gender & ethnic diversity"

ID: Button in purple reads "I want to be" followed by Clu'd Up logo in purple

ID: Heading reads "Inclusive leadership at global:" followed by At Global, we believe that different sets you apart. We celebrate different and unique. Our ambition is to create an inclusive culture wher every Globaller can do the best work of their career. As an equal opportunities Employer, we actively encourage people of diverse backgrounds in order to shape the future success of our business." in purple letters.

Q: Tell us why you’re focusing on skills-based hiring?

We believe that skills are transferable and with the right training and support, coupled with a strong desire to learn from new Globallers, we can combine the right talent with the perfect role.


Q: What is one advice you would give to prospective candidates applying for a role in Global?

Bring your true self to the interview. While we do look for relevant experience and suitability to a given role, we also hire for the person…so let us get to know you!

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Create your profile and get matched to exciting roles at Global today!

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