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Fortune favours the confident

Want to own your Job Search? 
Let your skills do the talking.

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Discover the jobs you'd be great at

Save time

Our AI-driven platform matches you directly with all the employers hiring for your skills in under 5 minutes.

Build confidence

Make sure you are set up for success by only applying for the jobs you know you'd be great at.

Get hired

Browse only relevant job opportunities and increase your interview rate by up to 60%.


Discover exciting roles at
inclusive companies

Whether you are looking for remote jobs for students, a flexible part-time job or perhaps an exciting apprenticeship or internship - we make sure you apply to companies committed to your success.


All Clu employers are vetted and verified based on their inclusiveness. Want to see which ones you match with?

Personalise your job search

Somebody once called us the of Careers. We weren't mad about it.


We are often compared to hyper-personalised products because that's what we do to ensure you confidently navigate your job search.


In less than 5 minutes, we get to know you and what you do best, so we can tailor the opportunities we recommend to you.


Join for the jobs,

stay for the clummunity


Feel supported

With Clu, you gain access to invaluable advice on topics like interview tips, networking and career success.

So whether you're looking for a job right now, or just want to prepare for the next step in your career, we've got your back.

Find community

The college-to-career transition can be daunting. But you are not alone! That's why we put so much energy into creating space for the hard-working and ambitious people in our community to support, share and grow together. 


Increase your chances of getting hired, quickly

Don't let a lack of experience hold you back from your desired career.


We help you articulate all the skills you've learnt, even if not in the workplace.

Don't leave finding a rewarding career to luck.

Our mission

We understand how bad it feels to put loads of effort into an application only to be ghosted. 

When looking for a job, you should know which companies care most about you and your success. That's why Clu will only present you with opportunities you will most likely be hired for in companies that care about their candidates.

But don't just take our word for it. Loads of people have already found the jobs they love with Clu.

I really believe Clu set me up for success and for that I am truly thankful. I feel like I have found my dream role.

Sarah O, London

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