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Together we're making the working world
work for everyone

Making the working world work for everyone is at the core of our partnership. To ensure the best possible outcomes for you, your candidates and our employers, we ask all Partners to agree to our Job Seeker Pledge.


We will work with you to start referring job seekers toClu within the first two weeks of kick-off. Referred job seekers andtheir outcomes will underpin the development of the partnership.


User Support

We may contact you about referred candidates whoneed additional support with their profiles. As data quality isimperative to Clu’s effectiveness, if we message you about profileimprovements, we expect these to be actioned.



We may make recommendations to you for yourreferred candidates from time to time. We expect responsiveness incommunity support matters and across all communications. 



We will review our partnership's progress after the firstmonth and subsequently on a quarterly basis. These reviews allowus to ensure continuous improvement for our job seekers.



Our primary focus is on the success of ourcommunity. To maintain the highest level of impact, we reserve theright to end partnerships that do not actively contribute to thenetwork with 30 days' notice.

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