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"As a disabled and neurodiverse entrepreneur, I've applied for funding from numerous diversity-focused investors and have often been told that disability is "not on the agenda".

For so long, the astronomical potential of our creative, agile and highly skilled community has been diminished because of a lack of understanding of the value we bring.

It is our intention for this campaign to create a movement of attention and opportunity for our community and to shine a light on the vast inequity we face when it comes to realising our potential as entrepreneurs."

Joseph Williams

Co-Founder of Clu &

Co-Founder of Access2Funding


Unlocking the potential of
disabled founders

Disabled entrepreneurs are an essential part of the UK economy, accounting for 8.6 per cent of the turnover of all UK businesses.

Many disabled entrepreneurs have set up their own businesses to fill a gap in the market, disrupt a sector, or simply have control over their own time.

Despite so much entrepreneurial activity in the community, the gap in support and opportunities available to develop and grow disabled-owned businesses is seismic.

The Access2Funding campaign calls on early-stage investors to improve the representation, experience and opportunities presented to disabled founders.

We are also collecting never-before-reported data on the current disparities and barriers disabled founders face when trying to grow their businesses.


Disabled business owner?  We'd love to hear from you.

Click the link below to take part in our survey.

The Access2Funding Pledge

By becoming a Signatory of the #Access2Funding Pledge, you send a clear message to disabled entrepreneurs that you are serious about setting them up for success, and you will become a pioneer for access, diversity and inclusion in your sector.

Across the next year, we will be working with signatories to improve their engagement with disabled founders in three ways:

Improved Language

Adopting inclusive language across the deal flow and in promotional channels.

Improved Experience

Creating accessible experiences across the end-to-end process.

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Improved Data

Capturing the right data in the right way to improve the ecosystem.


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Become a Signatory

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Support Us

I support #Access2Funding; a new campaign to empower #disabledfounders by increasing access to investment and collecting data on the barriers disabled founders face when raising.

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